Reims Cessna F406 profile

The doors on this aircraft provide excellent access for loading freight. They are also suitable for air-drops, which is useful in rescue situations.

Using our Fleet

Rearing to go: Pilots and staff check over the cleverly designed Reims 406 before it returns to the skies.

Cargo Hold

Cargo Nose

Cargo Wing


Reims Cessna F406
Engines 2 x 500 SHP PT6A-112
Cruise 240 kts
Service Ceiling 30,000 ft with oxygen
Range 1,700 nautical miles
Payload maximum 1,400 kg

Payload over

1,200 nm sector
900 kg
Fuel burn

low level 550 lbs per hour
above 20,000 ft 450 lbs per hour

Cabin dimensions

height 4’2”
width 4’8”
length 14’2”

Fuel type

Jet A1
Available cruise flying time without refueling 6 hours

Landing strip size 800 metres
Number of passengers 9 -13
Number of pilots 1 – 2 (optional)
Baggage in hold 400 kg
Payload volume 7 m 3