Beech 1900

With the superior Beech 1900 you can be sure your full contingent of passengers and luggage will travel regardless of weather constraints that affect other aircraft.

Using our Fleet


Exterior of 1900C: Hit the ground running: Passengers don’t need to wait around on arrival as luggage can be unloaded quickly through the freight door.

1900C Cargo Hold


Exterior of 1900D: Head room: This B1900 model has a higher cabin for additional comfort.

1900D Cargo Hold

Beech specifications
Cabin dimensions 1900D height 5’11”
width 4’6”
length 34’
Cabin dimensions 1900C height 4’9”
width 4’6”
length 34’
Engines 2 x 1276 SHP PT6A-67
Cruise 280 kts
Service Ceiling 25,000 ft
Range 1,350 nautical miles
Payload maximum 2,100 kg
Payload over 1,200 nm sector
1,4000 kg
Fuel burn l low level 750 lbs per hour
above 20,000 ft 550 lbs per hour
Fuel type Jet A1
Available cruise flying time without refueling 5 hours
Landing strip size 1100 metres
Number of passengers 19
Number of pilots 2
Baggage in hold 600 kg
Payload volume 16 m 3