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Quality service, superior aircraft and an impeccable safety record are Vincent Aviation’s hallmarks. We ensure satisfaction with our professional services transporting passengers and freight.


We fly the southern skies…

Vincent Aviation has established itself in the aviation industry with its operations throughout the Pacific, South-East Asia and beyond. It has bases in Wellington, New Zealand and Darwin, Australia, and company founder Peter Vincent is iconic among aviation professionals and enthusiasts in the region.

The company's impeccable safety record proves of its professionalism. The 100-strong team of pilots, engineers, operations staff and business managers are proud of their work, which ranges from international aid response through to transporting people and equipment to remote locations for work or recreation. Vincent Aviation offers both Contracted Air Transport and Aircraft Charter services to meet your requirements.

Underpinning the company's success is a fleet of primarily twin-engine turbo-prop all-weather aircraft selected for safety, reliability and versatility. The Australian fleet comprises four 19-passenger Beechcraft 1900s (1900D & 1900C), and a 9 passenger Cessna 441.

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How Facebook Marketing can Improve Your Business

Facebook gets over two billion visitors every month and is the fastest growing social media websites now. If you do not have Facebook marketing as part of your marketing strategies you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. Small businesses and large corporate have benefited from facebook marketing. The big question is how facebook marketing can improve your business.  We recommend Impressive in Melbourne, who are experts when it comes to Social Media Marketing


Get the word out about your business

New businesses benefit from the connections people make on Facebook and the many shares that users make. If you are new or would like to reach a wider audience, this social media website is the answer. It will expose your business and get the word out there about how good you are. It is an easier way to allow clients tell their friends about you. With information about you being on the site, they will find it easier to convince others why you are the best.


Reach a wide audience at a fraction of the cost

Traditional advertising methods are very expensive and you may not have the money for that right now. Social media will help you reach many people without having to spend too much. Facebook ads are affordable and with them you will reach your target clients. On this site there are people of all age groups so no matter what your targeted demographic is you will find them on this platform.


Know what clients love and hate

Getting feedback on Facebook is very easy. The comments section allows clients to tell you what they think about a certain post and your products or services. Clients will be able to tell you what they want improved and what is going just fine. This will help make better business decisions. After all, client satisfaction is very important to the growth of your business.


What are you waiting for? Start working on your social media marketing strategy and see the benefits.

How to find good chiropractors in Epping

The chiropractic profession is a health care system that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the patient with health problems of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors must be licensed and should have 2 to 4 years undergraduate education and the completion of a chiropractic college course. When a consumer wants the help of a chiropractor, they should make sure that the chiropractor they have selected is licensed in their particular state. Also be sure that the chiropractor is a member of American Chiropractic Association.


What improves chiropractors than over-the-counter agony relievers and essential care doctors? They trust in normal medicinal care. The treatment, be that as it may, is hands on, actually. It is known as manual treatment. For most, this outcomes in a decrease or disposal in torment, and additionally expanded versatility.  For Chiropractors in Epping, we recommend Wellbeing365.


As the chiropractic profession believes in a conservative approach to health care, a good chiropractor might offer the consumer safer and more effective non-drug and/or non-surgical approaches to your problems. The best source of choosing a good chiropractor is often a referral from a relative or friend who has had good experience with a Chiropractor. I seek out people in the profession and ask them who that think is a good doctor in town. Consider you may have to go out of town to find the best Chiropractors


A reputable doctor of chiropractic will teach you how to maintain your musculoskeletal system through exercise, good posture, and good lifting techniques. He will also teach good health diet. So choose a good chiropractor you are comfortable with and he will help you manage your problems.

How To Identify The Best Whitening Teeth Products.

There is absolutely no one who can deny that they like their teeth to be always white. It is no very possible for your to maintain your teeth white due to the availability of whitening teeth products that are readily available in the market. Are you looked for the best teeth whitening products Australia? If yes there are plenty of whitening teeth products in the current market and it is only upto you to select the best.  For cost effective teeth whitening, we recommend Gogosmile teeth whitening kits in Australia.

Due to the availability of various whitening teeth products it can be daunting and overwhelming tasks to identify the best . Before you buy any products carefully research ,avoid being duped by marketing strategies and techniques who purports to be selling the best products but in reality they are selling low quality in cert of and unsafe products ,they are in the market to fill the gap and make huge profits.
Below are tips on how to identify the best whitening teeth products in Australia.
Choose a whitening teeth products which has been approved to be safe to use and has no side effects to your teeth or gum. Not all the products you see in the market have been tasted and approved to be safe so be cared on what you buy.
It is advisable to buy a whitening teeth products which is a popular brand manufactured by a well known established company whose reputation and track record is proven.
Always ensure that when buying go for a whitening teeth product that is of extremely high quality ,it must have been used by many satisfied clients who were satisfied with it.
The brand of whitening teeth products you buy must be highly effective that is after using it as recommended for the stipulated time you must see for yourself positive results . Your teeth must start to regain its whiteness color.
Buy a quality whitening teeth product at a reasonable affordable price which is actually worth the value the work it has done. Do not just jump into buying cheap products.

How to choose the best wheels for your car

Wheels happen to be one of the most ignored aspects of cars, although it is one of the most important components that have a great influence on your overall vehicular performance. These tyres serve as the medium that comes in between your pavement and the car. You can have a better control of your car with proper tyres. With inferior or ill-fitting tyres, you will be at peril and always at risk of suffering from collisions or accidents how do you choose the best wheels for your car?  Here at Vincent Aviation, we recommend the guys at Ozzy Tyres who sell Wheels Online.


First Consider the size


Buy tyres in proper sizes. Tyres that are too large or too small in size can have an impact on your vehicle’s functional capacity. Look for a plate generally located at the door frame at the side of the driver in order to know about the tyre size. The plate contains worthwhile wheel information from the makers. The information is also imprinted on the side of the tyre. Reputed tyre dealers also have a database containing the sizes of appropriate tyres for all types of car models. It can be useful to have personal knowledge of these things, and not just depend on dealers.


Look at the circumference


It is important that you fit suitable wheels to your car, having the right circumference. Large tyres can be difficult to maneuver while you are driving. Small tyres, on the other hand, can make you lose more gas given that the wheels have to transport more load than they are supposed to carry. This can also put the safety of your car at risk.


Think about your driving habits


Your driving habits should also be considered before you buy tyres from wheels dealers. You will require high-performance wheels s in case you drive round corners hard and fast. You require a special set of wheels if you are into plenty of off-road driving down Bush paths or rocky terrains. While buying tyres, ask the dealer whether there is a road hazard plan included as well and if you are supposed to pay for the same. Check whether the dealer will fix the tyres free of cost or have them replaced in case they are beyond repair in a defined time frame. If you can afford just two tyres, make sure that the old tyres are placed in the front and the new ones at the back.


Think about your mileage requirements


Consider how often you tend to drive your vehicle. The longevity of tyres can vary, and range anywhere in the 40,000 – 80,000 miles range. You might choose the 40,000-mile wheel in case you do not drive your car too frequently. You should choose the 80,000-mile car in case you cover many miles.


Compare prices


You should get quotes from various wheels shops, never purchase tyres from only one dealer in the market. Other than looking for tyres at lower rates, make sure that the products come with a solid warranty.

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